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Software Training

Course material
The course includes a free copy of InfoServ’s proprietary training material. Our approach is fully hands on which applies experiential learning to software training. Courses are divided into modules that separate the material into logical skill groupings. Modules are further divided into specific skill lessons. These lessons include skills development, practice, application, and illustrations. At the end of each module the student completes exercises to re-enforce the skills learned. We provide a second set of exercises to extend the skills learned and to keep the student challenged.
Course levels
Courses are structured into introductory level and power user level programs. Introductory level courses are generally recommended before attempting a power user course. Because the power user courses cover different material, one need not take the power user 1 level course in order to complete a power user 2 level course.
Windows training
InfoServ strongly recommends the Windows Introduction course for any student who is not fully experienced or entirely familiar with the Windows environment. The student should complete this course before attempting training in any other product.
Introductory courses
Introductory courses present an overview of the product, and are directed at the major skill areas to produce end products with the software. The courses present the most common features as typically applied to the business environment. Introductory courses presume no prior experience with computer software or related products.
Power User courses
Power user courses cover the intermediate and more advanced features of the product. This includes capabilities that are not as commonly used but are nonetheless valuable to the more experienced user. A power user course does not require that students be advanced product users. They only need to be experienced users. Power user courses include a brief review of the basic product skills necessary to complete the course and ease the student into a higher skill level. InfoServ does not recommend taking power user courses immediately after completing an Introductory course. It is preferable to use the product for a few weeks to gain confidence and familiarity.

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