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  Automated Litigation Support Services



Products we use:
Excalibur Alchemy Gold Lotus Notes Microsoft Access

InfoServ has provided ALS services for many significant cases. We have long term arrangements with the US Department of Justice, General Services Administration, and several major law firms. We have the experience, facilities, staff, and procedures in place to support major cases without a learning curve. Listed below are some Automated Litigation Support FAQ's.

What is Automated Litigation Support?

- Document organization and management

- Document imaging

- Automated document database creation

- Document retrieval (bibliographic index or full text)

- Paralegal support

- Preparation of document binders

Other case management and tracking systems

- Administrative claims - Docket tracking
- Class action tracking - Witness/Exhibit tracking
- Interrogatories - Investigative analysis
- Case statistics



Why do you need Automated Litigation Support?

- Ability to focus on legal rather than clerical matters

- Value of attorney time

- Apply same resources as your opposition

- No surprises in court

- Enormity of the problem (volume of paper)

Why is Automated Litigation Support a Specialty?

- Timeliness issue

- Need for responsiveness

- Need for quality

- Preparation is the key:  Planning -Training -Facilities - Procedures - Redundancy


Available Software Products for Document Retrieval

Excalibur -- Top of the line, browser look and feel, extremely strong fuzzy and proximity searching capabilities OCRed images need not be cleaned up

Alchemy Gold -- More economical than Excalibur, Windows Explorer look and feel, strong bibliographic indexing capabilities fuzzy searching very limited

Lotus Notes -- Many limitations, very limited search capabilities, best for simple full text retrieval

Microsoft Access -- Much more cost-effective, best for straight bibliographic databases (no document images), limited research capabilities.


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