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  Power Panel Tracking System


Introducing a complete electrical power service tracking tool
A comprehensive software tool to catalog and track every electrical circuit in a facility, building, site or enterprise.  

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The Power Panel Tracking System provides electrical engineers, building engineers, and service personnel with a comprehensive database tool to track electrical service information, easily store and print color-coded panel schedules and directories, track spare breakers, power requests, plan service interruptions, and track electrical service demand.  Now you can leverage database technology to track electrical information and provide a repository for future reference and retrieval.  This product was designed by electricians for use by electricians. 


Key Features

      Prints color-coded Panel Directories and detailed Panel Schedules;

      User-customizable color coding on panel schedules/directories;

      Capture extensive panel and circuit data, including feed sources, capacity, usage readings and photos;

      Track panels and breakers for multiple buildings, multiple sites, and multiple customers;

      Simple data capture screens with customizable selection tables;

      Provides all of these capabilities for Power Distribution Unit (PDU) panels as well;

      A complete set of electrical tools and calculators including power drop, measurement converters, resource organization tracking, and supplier contact management;

     Generate printed power source cards for key equipment (including dual power sources);

     Fully Windows compatible and menu driven -- just point and click, and

      Comprehensive Users Guide written in plain English.


Primary Benefits

      Better emergency management and control preparation;

      Standardized terms and better readability on panel directories and schedules;

     Determine which equipment will be down when taking out an electrical feed;

      Find spare breakers for new electrical requirements;

      Quickly identify all power sources for key equipment;

      Track power requests and installation costs for each circuit;

      Monitor actual electrical usage by box and/or feed for power budget management, and

      Print detailed data cards to be placed on equipment to track electrical source(s).


Proven software / Major operation and load tested
Currently in use by several major communications firms at four primary facilities. 

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