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InfoServ has developed several specialized software products which integrate telephone access to computerized databases. Our products include:

Power Panel Tracking System™ 

Tracks circuit breakers and connections in electrical panels and power distribution units

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MallPro21™ Daily Sales Tracking

Tracks daily merchant sales, weather, merchants data, and promotions for shopping centers and malls. User defined categories are available along with a significant collection of analytical reports.


Some Key Features of MallPro21™ Daily Sales Tracking

Unattended sales collection 24 hours a day
No specialized equipment required of merchants
Analyze impacts of promotions, advertising and weather in a single data repository
Accepts sales figures or transaction counts
Compares last year’s sales by day not date
Statistically forecasts sales using available data

MallPro21™ Center Portfolio System

Tracks sales, weather, merchants, and promotions for a portfolio of shopping centers and malls

Property Line ™ System

Provides sales information on real estate offerings via telephone

AutoVoice ™ System

Provides sales information on car inventories via telephone

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